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Earned Value Professional– EVP®

Earned Value Professional– EVP®

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EVP® credential holders are individuals who possess fundamental knowledge and expertise in project cost controls and earned value management. Practitioner of Earned Value with demonstrated mastery of contract language , planning scheduling, using an integrated cost/schedule tool, proficient in monitoring project progress for performance measurement; an earned value management system (EVMS).

Certification Body

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACEI®, USA)

Learning Objectives
  • Generating relevant reports, understanding and analyzing the information reported
  • Reconciling with the accounting system for management of a project or activity;
  • Managing change to the scope of work and/or any deviation, performance trend
  • Change to an approved or baseline project control plan, throughout the life-cycle of a project or portfolio of projects in the public and/or private sector.
  • Interpretation of the EV data/metrics and possess the skills to provide coherent, relevant communications.
Course Material
  • AACE’s Earned Value Professional Certification Study Guide, 3rd Edition
  • AACE’s Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Edition
  • AACE’s Total Cost Management Framework
  • Earned Value Project Management, 4th Edition
  • Sample questions
  • Simulation Exams
Trainer’s Info:
  • Qualified and experienced trainers in the industry
  • Minimum of 10-15 years of experience in handling projects and training.

Exam Contents

  • Cost
  • Cost Estimation
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Project and Cost Control
  • Project Management
  • Economic Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Probability and Risk

Target Audience:

EVP® is recommended for the below listed professionals

  • Project Cost Control Manager
  • Cost Control Engineer / Cost Estimator
  • Contract Manager / Administrator
  • Quantity Surveyor / Estimators
  • Project Manager / Engineers
  • Cost Analysts
  • Project Coordinators

Exam Eligibility

  • 8 years industry related experience or
  • 4 years industry related experience + 4-year industry related college degree
  • Adherence to AACE's Canons of Ethics

Exam Information

  • 5 hours maximum
  • 119 simple, multiple choice and compound, scenario questions
  • 1 memo writing assignment with a given scenario and instructions for writing a response in an onscreen text box
  • Closed Book
  • Organization
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  • Work Authorization (WA)
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule
  • Milestones and Deliverables
  • Technical Performance Requirements
  • Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Control Accounts/Work Packages/Planning Packages
  • Cost Elements
  • Contingency and Management Reserve
  • Undistributed Budget (UB) Over-Target Baseline (OTB)
  • Earned Value Methods/Techniques
  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
  • Accounting Considerations
  • System Identification
  • Direct Costs
  • Control Accounts (CAs)
  • Indirect Cost Management
  • Unit and Lot Costs
  • Material Planning and Control
  • Analysis and Management Reports
  • Progress Reporting (BCWS, BCWP, ACWP)
  • Variance Reporting
  • Customer Reporting/Submittals
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Managerial Analysis
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  • Estimate to Complete (ETC)
  • Subcontract Management
  • Revisions and Data Maintenance


  • Recertification by Exam or Recertification by CEUs
  • 12 CEUs
  • 3 Yrs. Validity

Batch Details:

  • Batch size of 10-15 students.
  • Course duration 40 Hrs.
  • Regular, Weekend and Fast-track batches (Fridays/Saturdays).